Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Diving women

Diving for women.

There are two issues affecting women that could also affect their diving experiences or their bodies: menstruation and pregnancy.

Some women are worried that diving during menstruation can be dangerous. There are two main concerns: what happens when diving is in waters were there could be sharks and if it is safe to use tampons.

About the first one, we have to say that the amount of blood that can be in the water will be really small and composed in its greater part by dead cells. Sharks are attracted mainly to fresh blood so there’s none or little change that a menstruating woman will have a problem about it. Indeed, regarding sharks, shiny jewelry and fashionable suits with contrasting colors (something that most women love) can be much more dangerous. Such a things can be taken as fish scales by sharks and then they may attack a lonely diver.

Over the second concern, there is no evidence that tampons will cause any effects due to the increasing pressure while diving: as the vagina is not a closed space, it is not affected by Boyle’s law.

However, what it is important to take into consideration when diving during menstruation, is that the risk of dehydration is higher so it is necessary to drink bigger amounts of water to prevent it. Also if you have a heavy flow and or anemia, you may want to wait till it’s over for diving as these circumstances reduce already the circulation of Oxygen in the blood.

Another aspect that we should highlight for women is pregnancy. No doctor recommends diving while pregnant as the amount of nitrogen in the blood can affect the fetus (that will receive less supply of oxygen). It is only safe to do so in the first 2 to 4 weeks.


  1. Maybe beyond the scope of the article, but I expected a focus females and dry suits. The pee problem that is solved for man is still something that haunts female dry suit divers, isn't it?
    BTW, planning on buying my first drysuit soon. Thank you for the blog.

  2. The blood in the water myth has been busted. You never seen myth busters. Now if a girl had fish juice coming out I would be worried